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The illuminated signage in front of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs has become an essential part of the modern city. You cannot think about city nightдife and avoid thinking about a multitude of brightly lit signs glowing in the dark.
Why is that? It is simple – because the illuminated signage is a great and universal way to distinguish your establishment. It plays several roles: in the dark, it will not let your clientele go astray, and, if done and designed well, it will emphasize the spirit of your establishment. However, this second part will work only if the sign was made by professionals. There is a thin line between a standard illuminated sign and a good one, but we know exactly where does that line go and know how to stay on the “good” side.
Illuminated 3D signs come in a huge variety of materials and styles, commonly used materials would be acrylic, plastic and metal, but all these details can be discussed during the planning, the initial stage of the process.
We use only the best equipment to perform our operations, and our team of specialists is more than capable of creating solutions of any complexity. Results of our manufacturing can act as our credibility monuments.
Please, feel free to contact us anytime, if you want to discuss something or make an offer of cooperation, we would always be glad to respond. You can use information above to contact us, or fill the form to place an order.