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A lightbox is an illuminated sign (usually glass or plastic) in a form of a flat box with one or two translucent surfaces. Usually, it has a form of a flat box, but there can be other options if you want something really creative.

One of the most popular kinds of a light box is a slim box, which is practically the same, but has modern slim design and is made of plastic together with a thin aluminum profile.
You have probably seen thousands of them. Lightbox is the most popular kind of an outer signage, for the following reasons:
it is notable, especially at night time;
it looks well;
it is all-purpose;
it may be cheap (depending on a configuration);
or it might be a high-tech work of art with rotating base, multiple colors, and light effects.
Here are some examples of the most common usage of light boxes: company signs, illuminated logos, advertising boxes, information stands, street signs, restaurant outdoor menus etc. Also, it is widely used with indoor signage.
The best thing about lightboxes is that you can use them anyway with no limit for imagination. The idea is simple, a usual box illuminated from inside. And at the same time, it’s universal. It’s possible to create any colors and forms to attract the attention of your customers.

We make the full cycle, from design to light boxes production and installation, that’s why we guarantee the quality of each stage. Signage made by our company looks well and works well because we care about your image and effectiveness of your ads